Göran Månsson & Friends

Göran Månsson & Friends || FOTO – Per Helander


Göran Månsson Flute-Härjedalspipa
Emma Ahlberg Fiddle
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto
Martin von Schmalensee Bass, Guitar
Patrik Källström Fiddle, Pump Organ, Harmonica, Arrangör


Fanny Källström Fiddle
Klara Källström Cello

During the spring of 2017, the well known swedish flute player Göran Månsson was, in collaboration with a group of musicians out of all kind of genres, recording a new album with music inspired by Olof Jönsson.
Flute player Olof Jönsson (1867–1953) also called Ol’Jansa, lived in the Härjedalen province in the middle of Sweden, and was, as it was common among folk pipers, a musician mostly in private.
His instrument was the Härjedalspipan – the Härjedalen flute, and his music must have been seen as quite intriguing, even exotic, as Swedish radio recorded his tunes on no less than three separate occasions between 1935 and 1951.
Ol’Jansa’s music was brought to the present, and developed to a border-crossing cooperation, with influences from different styles building a new music out of the traditional, giving a new identity to the instrument and its clime.
In commission of Svenskt Visarkiv (the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) and the public record company Caprice Records the album Ol’Jansa – Göran Månsson & Friends was released in autumn 2017 and is nominated for the best Folk album of the Year 2018 in Sweden by MANIFEST GALAN.



Carmen Olsson – Solo dance Performance

Carmen Olsson || FOTO – Patrik Gunnar Helin


Carmen Olsson Choreography & Dance
Harald Svensson Music
Karin Nakagawa Music
Viktor Wendin Lighting

see saw
     still beyond

To desire, yet at the same time dismiss. To long for something, but not want the possible consequences. To think one thing, but feel another. Could one truly see and experience change in a different way, from a different place? Such conflicting emotions are at the heart of the performance Between Beat and Blue.

CARMEN OLSSON – Dancer and choreographer, possesses a strong, yet sensitive sense of artistic expression. Her Swedish-Spanish heritage is reflected through and met with Butoh and various other aspects of Japanese culture.

Music: HARALD SVENSSON – created music for several of Carmen’s works. In this piece he collaborates with Japanese musician Karin Nakagawa.

Music: KARIN NAKAGAWA – her improvisations on the Japanese 25-string Koto form the basis, while accompanying computer-generated effects round out the composition.


Produced with support from: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs Stad, Regionsteater Väst




Lena Willemark, Anders Jormin, Karin Nakagawa || FOTO – Kristin Lidell


Lena Willemark Fiddel, Vocals
Anders Jormin Double Bass
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals

In the fascinating Swedish / Japanese Recording project LYÖSTRAINI – TREES OF LIGHT, Lena, Karin and Anders carefully let the japanese classical tradition, Lena’s strong poems in her native Älvdals-toungue and the open fields of improvisation meet and react into a unique musical world for new paths to be created. The music of this ensemble carries an impression of history, of today and tomorrow- in the same, resonant spur of the moment.
The first CD of the Trio was published by ECM Records in the year 2015 and won the Swedish Grammis Award 2016 as well as the “Bestenliste 3-2015” awarded by: die deutsche Schallplattenkritik.



Dietrich Oberdörfer, Karin Nakagawa, Andreas Unterholzner || FOTO – Michael Lintner


Dietrich Oberdörfer Organ, Vocals
Andreas Unterholzner Electric Guitar
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals

“Unio Mystica” is a long-term, multicultural project created by South Tyrolean musician and
composer Dietrich Oberdörfer. The aim is merging different archaic sound languages that evoke
the fundamental human need for internalisation and transcendence through their mystic character.
In “unio mystica II”, occidental sacral music meets psychedelic guitar sounds and Far Eastern
Shinto and Zen mysticism. In a shared journey through both time and diverse musical styles, the
three musicians have created a distinct sound.