Jazz / Cross Over
by Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark, Karin Nakagawa, Bohuslän Big Band – 2019 SWEDEN / NORWAY
Label: Losen Records– LOS 219-2 – EAN: 7090025832192

Anders Jormin Double Bass
Lena WillemarkVocal, Fiddle and Viola
Karin Nakagawa25-string Koto

Bohuslän Big Band
Joakim Rolandson as, ss, fl (Solo 3, 9)
Martin Svanström as, cl, fl
Ove Ingemarsson ts (Solo 4, 5, 6, 11, 14)
Mikael Karlsson ts, fl, afl
Alberto Pinton bs, fl, bcl (Solo 10)
Lennart Grahn
Samuel Olsson (Solo 3)
Staffan Svensson (Solo 2, 9, 14)
Jan Eliasson
Niclas Rydh, Christer Olofsson, Hanne Småvik
Ingrid Utne btb, Stefan Wingefors piano
Yasuhito Mori Bass (5, 6, 11, 13, 14)
Göran Kroon Drums

The music on this CD is chosen from an extensive commission for big band, Lena and Karin and was performed in autumn of 2018; the commissioned music originally lasting for two complete concert sets. The title was then Svenska hus ensligt belägna, after a poem by Tomas Tranströmer. It can possibly be translated to Swedish Houses, Solely Located. In different ways, this theme of seclusion inspired me. To compose and arrange for Lena and her magnificent expressivity, for the Japanese ancient Koto played so wonderfully by Karin, and trying to embrace their artistry and my own way of hearing music into the big band context, was an inspiring challenge.

To Lena and Karin, to the fantastic soloists of the orchestra, to all its devoted musicians, to Lars who recorded us and to the commissioners: Thank you!

Anders Jormin

01Ogadh dett / Your Eye6:27
 02En gång skall du / There Comes a Time for You3:28
03Dikten jag alltid drömt om att skriva / The Poem I Wanted to Write5:38
 04Synsk poet / Second-sighted Poet8:00
 05Ödetorp / Desolate Cottage1:46
 06Krattskogslada / Grove Barn6:18
 09Oktoberhavet / The October Sea5:58
 10Utmarksäng / Hillside Meadow1:13
 11Kronohemman / Homestead5:09
 12Dröm / Dream1:24
  14Fyrstation / Lighthouse 5:15
Total duration