OL’JANSA – Göran Månsson & friends – CD

Swedish Folk / World Music
by Göran Månsson – 2017 SWEDEN
Label:  Caprice Records

Göran Månsson Flute-Härjedalspipa
Emma Ahlberg Fiddle
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto
Martin von Schmalensee Bass, Guitar
Patrik Källström Fiddle, Pump Organ, Harmonica, Arrangör

The album is nominated for the best Folk album of the Year 2018 in Sweden by MANIFEST GALAN

Göran Månsson and friends – being Emma Ek Ahlberg, Patrik Källström, Karin Nakagawa, Martin von Schmalensee and Olof Jönsson, in a lively set of songs, tunes, dances and compositions that set Månsson’s many flutes against ensemble arrangements with fiddle, pump organ, guitar, melodica, koto, bass, percussion and some documentary recordings used as a starting point for new interpretations for the music of flute player Olof Jönsson (1867 – 1953), aka Ol’Jansa from Överberg in the Swedish province Härjedalen.

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by Dietrich Oberdörfer – 2015 ITALY
Label: Steinach Edition  

Dietrich Oberdörfer Organ, Vocals
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals
Andreas Unterholzner Electric Guitar

“Unio Mystica” is a long-term, multicultural project created by South Tyrolean musician and composer Dietrich Oberdörfer. The aim is merging different archaic sound languages that evoke the fundamental human need for internalisation and transcendence through their mystic character. In “unio mystica II”, occidental sacral music meets psychedelic guitar sounds and Far Eastern Shinto and Zen mysticism. In a shared journey through both time and diverse musical styles, the three musicians have created a distinct sound.

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Trees Of Light – CD

Jazz / Cross Over
Label: ECM-Records

Lena Willemark Vocals, Fiddle, Viola
Anders Jormin Double Bass
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals

The Album was awarded with the Swedish Grammis Award 2016

Trio Lyöstraini, well-known Swedish singer Lena Willemark, outstanding Swedish bassist Anders Jormin and Japanese koto player Karin Nakagawa as a new face in the field. They went through intriguing musical contrasts gaining amazing flow, brightness and joy. They dug into each others roots and constantly came up with surprising original responses. When Willemark intoned a Northern folk theme, Nakagawa threw in raw koto strums which generated very special palpable qualities. When Nakagawa played a straight harp-like groove Jormin added bending pentatonic singing on his bass. Nakagawa expanded the musical range of the koto in extraordinary ways sounding as a kora or Celtic harp sometimes. It was just wonderful how they in the long run began to dance over their commonly created structure ending up in the rare and touching beauty of „Snöfall“ („Falling Snow“). Amazing how open and connected their playing, great listening yielding real new music!

By HENNING BOLTE „AllaboutJazz“ on Umeå jazz festival 2013

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Sho Yoku Chi Soku – CD & DVD

Mystical / World
by Liquid Soul & Osaka Shomyo – 2012 GERMANY / JAPAN

Gert Anklam Saxophone, Sheng
Beate Gatscha Dance, Hang, Taiko
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals
Saichu Yohansyah Gong, singing Bowl
Uwe Walter Shakuhachi, Dance, Vocals


Wajun Momoo Choral direction,Vocals
Kenryo Shibata Calligraphy, Vocals
Kyujun Suzuki Vocals
Juntetsu Nakanishi Vocals
Yujun Onoe Vocals

Project conception & artistic and administrative direction:   Beate GatschaGert Anklam

Music: Karin Nakagawa & Gert Anklam
Arrangement japanese Folk songs: Karin Nakagawa

Oratorio (orare = pray) is a Western Christian music term for a vocal composition with a religious story. The oratorio „Sho Yoku Chi Soku“ is a musical metaphor for the question of the true quality of life. This question unifies both of the cultures which seem so different at the first glance, it also traces back to the origin of mankind from which the pure sound is created…

Dedicated to the victims of the catastrophe in Japan on March 11.2011.

DVDTotal duration  85:00

official Trailer – live in Berlin, Germay 2012

CD – Total duration  69:19

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World Music
by „Liquid Soul“ – 2011 GERMANY
Label: LabelHARP

Gert Anklam Saxophone, Sheng, Water-Stabbing Organ
Beate Gatscha Water-Stabbing Organ, Hang, Vocals
Uli Moritz Percussion, Hang
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals


Cathrin Pfeifer Accordion
Sonny Thet Cello

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2nd album form „Liquid Soul“ featuring Karin Nakagawa.

All compositions are own, and consist of multiple layers of sound, intricate rhythm sequences, lively musical dialogues and improvisation. A from from India, Japan, China, Africa and America Inspired musical project….

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Jazz / Pop
by „Psalm“ – 2007 JAPAN

Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals
Yumi Tamai Vocals


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かりん Karin – CD

Jazz / Pop
by Karin Nakagawa – 2006 JAPAN

Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals
Masaki Hayashi Piano
Hiroki Kashiwagi Cello
Tappi Iwase Drums
Yuji Yajima 6-string electric Bass
Mikita Hase Taiko


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あいのうた Ainouta – CD

Japanese Folk / Pop
by „Yura“ – 2005 JAPAN
Label: Bamboo

Emme Vocals
Toki Tatara Shinobue (Japanese Flute)
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals


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