Sho Yoku Chi Soku – CD & DVD

Mystical / World
by Liquid Soul & Osaka Shomyo – 2012 GERMANY / JAPAN

Gert Anklam Saxophone, Sheng
Beate Gatscha Dance, Hang, Taiko
Karin Nakagawa 25-string Koto, Vocals
Saichu Yohansyah Gong, singing Bowl
Uwe Walter Shakuhachi, Dance, Vocals


Wajun Momoo Choral direction,Vocals
Kenryo Shibata Calligraphy, Vocals
Kyujun Suzuki Vocals
Juntetsu Nakanishi Vocals
Yujun Onoe Vocals

Project conception & artistic and administrative direction:   Beate GatschaGert Anklam

Music: Karin Nakagawa & Gert Anklam
Arrangement japanese Folk songs: Karin Nakagawa

Oratorio (orare = pray) is a Western Christian music term for a vocal composition with a religious story. The oratorio „Sho Yoku Chi Soku“ is a musical metaphor for the question of the true quality of life. This question unifies both of the cultures which seem so different at the first glance, it also traces back to the origin of mankind from which the pure sound is created…

Dedicated to the victims of the catastrophe in Japan on March 11.2011.

DVDTotal duration  85:00

official Trailer – live in Berlin, Germay 2012

CD – Total duration  69:19